FrozenAire° Battery Operated Air Conditioner

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The FrozenAire battery operated air conditioner operates will blow a strong cool frozen air breeze in any direction for 3-6 hours. It all depends on  the temperature of the outside air. The hotter the outside air, the faster the ice melts. It operates on 12 volts DC and can easily be powered from your home, car or portable battery (12 volt adapters included).

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FrozenAire° Battery Operated Air Conditioner.

Great for Home, Office, Car, Camper, Boat, Office, School, Picnic, Power Outage, Golf Cart, Pet Show, Hospital, etc…

The FrozenAire battery operated air conditioner operates will blow a strong cool frozen air breeze in any direction for 3-6 hours. It all depends on the temperature of the outside air. The hotter the outside air, the faster the ice melts. It operates on 12 volts DC and can easily be powered from your home, car, or portable battery (12-volt adapters included).

The FrozenAire° is designed to be a personal directional vent cooler, meaning it will quickly cool down whatever is front of the vent output. It is not designed to be a room air conditioner. But if the room is small enough, it may make a difference.

The FrozenAire will operate on cubed ice, frozen bottled ice, or dry ice. For best results, we recommend using 20 pounds of cubed ice that can be purchased from and supermarket, convenience store, or gas station. Two (10) pound bags of cubed ice is what we recommend for the best results. A single bag of (10) pound bag of ice costs about $2.25. A small price to pay for 3-5 hours of frozen air blowing on your face. For longer use, simply dump out the melted ice and add more ice.

The FrozenAire is great for camping, cars, boat cabins, RV’s, golf carts, power outages, pet show, and more… People commonly use personal portable air conditioning for quickly cooling pets, infants, elderly, small office areas, small airplane cabins, deer blinds, hospital, on so on…..

From the first moment the portable battery operated cooler air conditioner is turned on, the powerful high pressure 12 volt fan starts pushing the outside hot air, into the cooler, and over the ice. The air quickly cools, the air and the cold air is forced out the top directional vent at about 18 mph. The vent is adjustable and can be rotated 360° in any direction. Works well as a Battery Operated Pet Air Conditioner.


Question: Does This Really Work?

Answer: The FrozenAire battery operated air conditioner was designed for “Personal Cooling”. This means it is designed to blow directly on a person from 3 to 5 feet away. This WILL cool you down! It is not meant for cooling rooms and spaces that require larger air conditioning units.

Question: How Cold Does The Air Blow Out The Vent?

Answer: We have tested the FrozenAire in a multitude of conditions. The temperature output is based on how cold the the ice compartment gets vs. the temperature and humidity of the outside air. Our test showed a considerable cooling output temperature drop with the outside temperature at 90 degrees / 60% humidity. The output cold air temperature will usually offer a powerful cool 20 degree drop.

Question: How Hard Does It Blow?

Answer: With a sailing wind gauge, we clocked the output wind speed to average 15 mph.

Question: Will The FrozenAire Cool Me Down?

Answer: Blowing the definitely air vent directly on you from 3 feet away will definitely cool you down. Cooling an entire room or car? Maybe. The way this works is if the room or car is creating more heat (like from hot walls or windows) than the FrozenAire may not cool the entire area.

Question: How Can I Make The Air Come Out Colder?

Answer: We say “Jiggle it”. What can happen is the hot air blowing across the ice can create a small puddle of warmer water over the ice. To stop this from happening, just grab the cooler and firmly “Jiggle It” once and a while. Or you can simply open the top of the cooler and give the ice a stir. Within seconds of the Jiggle, the vent air will return to it’s maximun cold air temperature.

We can’t promise the the world with the FrozenAire, but it is a great solution for cooling you down when that heat is just unbearable!

Stay cool and Enjoy!!!

Quick Features:

  • Operates on 12 volts car adapter, or home wall adapter or external battery.
  • Average temperature drop for output vent is (25°) degree’s.
  • Fan output vent cool air flow speed (20mph).
  • Operates for about 3-6 hours on 2 bags of ice (depending on outside temperature)
  • #1 FACT: The COLDER the INSIDE of the cooler, The COLDER the air flows out.
  • Perfect for quickly cooling a small area!
  • Operates on 12 Volts DC / 700mA
  • Strong icy breeze of frozen air with directional vent
  • Also can be used as a ice cooler for soft drinks and beer Great for Boats, Tents, Campers, RV, etc….
  • Activities Include: Camping, Pets, Aircraft, Home, Office, etc…


  • Cigarette lighter car adapter (included) 6 Ft. long
  • Option: 9 ft. extention cord
  • Option: Home wall 120 volt adapter (Not Included)
  • Base Unit Measures: 20″ x 14″ x 18″
  • Optimized for 20 pds of cubed ice
  • Weight: 12 pds

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 13 in

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  1. admin

    I put it in a smaller room, shut the door and let it go. The room started cooling down in 30 minutes. Over all it rook the room from 85 degree t mid 70’s. The ice lasted the entire day. I tried t=both the battery pack and the AC adapter and no problems. I bought it just to have because here in Florda when the hurricane come all the power goes out. So Im going to use it toas a pet and person air conditioner. My pets can not stand the heat. So I’ll use it to cool down my pet dog and cat and me. I definitely would recommend it. Oh ya, the battery pack works good and a cell phone charger too. I brought it to the beach and everyone in my family kept useing to charge up their phones. It too lasted all day. If you call…. talk to Davo, he is really great. Bye for now…

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