10 Inch Battery Operated Fan by O2Cool


This O2Cool Fan Uses Less Batteries Than Last Years Model. Also It Is Lighter And More Compact. What Is Different Is The Built In Handle And Runs Continuously For Up To (30) Hours.

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O2 Cool 10″ Battery Operated Fan

This O2Cool Fan Uses Less Batteries Than Last Years Model. Also It Is Lighter And More Compact. What Is Different Is The Built In Handle And Runs Continuously For Up To (30) Hours.

Question:How many batteries does it take to power a 10″ battery operated fan and how long does it last?

Answer: All 10″ fans currently use (8) D cell alkaline batteries with one exception… This year O2Cool® introduced a new energy efficient 10″ fan that operates on only 6 D cell batteries. It is lighter and more powerful due to improvements in the patented fan blades and a new stronger energy efficient motor. It is by far lighter in weight than all other battery operated 10″ fans. Additionally, it is enclosed in a stronger, sleeker new fan cage design.

New O2Cool Battery Operated Fan

Battery LifeThis is a greatly improved new battery operated fan from O2Cool. The fan is stronger than even uses less batteries than the older models. O2Cool even managed to increase the efficiently so that you have to buy less batteries.

This model now only take 6 D cell batteries instead of last years model fan which used 8 D cell batteries. Fewer battery changes equates to saving big money on batteries. At about 1.25 per battery this is a $2.50 savings every time you have to replace the batteries. Make sure see the new Rayovac Industrial Batteries that we now carry. They are super alkaline industrial and are now long lasting than Duracell. It’s some sort of new chemistry they use. They every advertise “Last As Lon As Duracell” on the battery package.

Also you save about 50 cents per battery. With the discount battery deal we current are offering, you save about 50% on the sale we offer here (D Cell Battery Sales). This offer will power this battery operated fan for over 60 hours.

AC Power or Batteries

This fan also ships with an AC wall adapter that allows you to plug the fan in the wall and really save on batteries. Many people buy and use this fan as a daily household fan. But the best part is that if your power goes out like in a storm or hurricane, you simple unplug the wall adapter and fire it up in battery mode. Just a note: It is always best to keep the batteries out of the fan until you actually need it. WE recommend to take the batteries out if it’s going to be sitting for over 14 days. WE also recommend a O2Cool 10″ rechargeable fan model that never needs batteries.

Home or Desk Fan

Many people also use this fan at work as a desk fan. Many companies allow you to you a personal desk fan but will not let you plug it into the wall. You have to either plug it into a computer USB port or use a battery powered fan. This model fan is great for the office especially under the desk where it cools your legs and feet off. This way your not blowing all your papers around. This was just some good advise from one of our customers.

“Doggy Nose” Safe

What we really mean is that this make a great Pet Fan because your pets can’t put there now or paw into the fan. This fan has a very strong and fine grate covering the blades. That means the blades can not get hurt by hitting the blades. Also, since it runs on batteries, there is no electric to hurt your pet. We have many customers that use this at cat shows and dog shows to keep the pet cooled down. it uses no electricity and is a pet safe. Last Note: The fan cage is a very solid safe design so pets and children can’t accidentally touch the fan blades. View Review Article:  The Top 20 Battery Operated Fans Reviewed

This O2Cool Fan Is The Newest Most Powerful Fan On The Market!!

New Model Only Takes (6) D Cell Batteries

O2Cool Fan Features

  • 10 Inch Battery Cage
  • Dual Power Sources:
  • Plug in wall with the AC adapter (included)
  • Or use only 6 D-cell batteries (not included).
  • Ultra quiet cooling
  • Powerful two-speeds
  • Built-in hanging or carry handle
  • Compact packaged design
  • Easy to travel or storing
  • Up to 30 hours battery life
  • US Patents D546,933 and other patents pending
  • Product Flier PDF
  • Two Tone Color Graphite Gray
  • Ships with AC Adapter.
  • Powered by 6 x D batteries (Not Included)
  • Approximate size: 12″ x 12″ x 3″
  • Condition:New
  • O2 Cool 755247118772
  • Model: FD10002N0000

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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