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The 2nd Annual Pan-Florida Challenge For Hungry Kids Fund Raiser

The FINISH LINE of The 2nd Annual Pan-Florida Challenge For Hungry Kids 100 Committed Riders 160 Mile Bike Ride Across Florida Batterysavers.com is a big supporter of this cause. Starting Line: Naples Florida - Finish Line: City Place West Palm Beach Florida (160 Miles). WHY HUNGRY KIDS? HUNGER IN CHILDREN IS ANEPIDEMIC.  THE NUMBERS OF HUNGRY KIDS IS STUNNING: 1,103,850 [...]

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Batterysavers.com Battery Cross Reference Guide

Batterysavers.com Battery Cross Reference GuideStandard Everyday Alkaline  Battery Voltage We Carry BEST PRICE   Free Ship? Replaces 9 Volt 9.0 MN1604, PC1604, EN22,E522, AL9V, AL9-18, AL9V-24, U9VL-J,U9VL-FP AL9V-12 AL9V-12-BULK Orders Over $100 1604AC, 1604A, A1604, AL-9V, 7590, 6AM6 AA 1.5 PC1500, E91, EN91,L91, ALAA-24 ,ALAA-28 ,ALAA, PL715-4A ALAA-24 AALA-24-BULK Orders Over $100 15AC, 15A, 815, 7524, AM3, LA-362, LD715-40P AAA 1.5 PC2400, E92, EN92,L92,ALAAA-24 ,ALAAA-18 ,ALAAA, PL724-4A ALAAA-24 ALAAA-24 BULK Orders Over $100 24AC, 24A, 824, 7526, AM4 C 1.5 PC1400,EN93, ALC, ALC-12, PL714-2 GEN ALC-12 ALC-12-BULK Orders Over $100 14AC, 14A, [...]

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Hurricane Ivan History

Hurricane Ivan History The name 'Ivan' was retired in the Spring of 2005. It will be replaced in 2010 by 'Igor'. Formed: September 2, 2004 Highest Wind Speed: 165 mph (270 km/h) on September 11, 2004 Areas Affected: The Windward Islands, especially Grenada, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cuba, Alabama, Florida, and much of the eastern [...]

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BatterySavers In The News - News Article & interview

BatterySavers In The News - News Article & interview  High Tech Talk Interview With David Stoyka Ceo Of Batterysavers.Com Florida'S #1 Internet Retailer For Hurricane Supplies.   TV Interview Tech-Knowlogy News High tech columnist Mike Wendland's E-Journal about computers Beat The Next Hurricane Blackout [ANCHOR LEAD-IN]  The great power blackout of 2003 affected 50 million Americans. Whether you were [...]

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Florida Tax Free Huricane Holiday

List of the items that qualify under the 12-day ‘cane tax-free' holidaySouth Florida Sun-SentinelWant to avoid the rush for supplies as a hurricane threatens South Florida? These items are exempt from state or local taxes beginning Sunday, May 21, until midnight June 1.Qualifying items selling for $10 or less: Blue ice or artificial iceQualifying items selling [...]

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All Charged Up About BATTERIES

Disposable Battery Demographics Batteries bring in more dollars and profits per square foot than film, light bulbs, toilet paper, disposable diapers, toothpaste, chewing gum and dozens of other common consumer products." All Charged Up About BATTERIES!!by Nancy O’Connor    Can you name the consumer product that can be measured in square inches, yet generate more sales and profits [...]

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​Rechargeable Battery Index

1. Rechargeable Battery Life Questions and Answers2. Battery Life - Compare Batteries - Which Batteries Last Longest 3. Battery Term Glossary 4. Rapid AA Battery Charger Pack (Products)

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Google Tech Stuff

Below: Highest was 340 for over 6 years..... Now on 31....Below: Kilobytes Downloaded When to Zero  Below: I think this is a www. vs. non www match.....Should I change one of these? If so which one to still maintain best ranking?

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Batteries: The Bane of Being Wireless

BatterySavers.com News Article 12:00 a.m. Pacific Getting Started / Linda Knapp Batteries: The Bane of Being Wireless By Linda Knapp Special to The Seattle Times How many portable gadgets do you own? A cell phone, perhaps? Digital camera, music player, radio or other wireless device? And don't forget the TV remote, flashlights, pencil sharpener and so on. Point is, we're using [...]

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