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battery powered air conditioner
Battery Powered Cooler Air Conditioner

Portable Cooler Air Conditioner - Battery Operated 12 volts

digital tv convertionTurns Any Cooler Into A Small Portable Air Conditioner
#1 selling cooler air conditioner battery operated. So when it's steaming hot out and you need a some cold air quick, simple open or remove the the cooler cover and place the blue cold plate on the cooler, fill it with ice and plug it in. The air conditioner will continue to provide cold air as long as there is ice in the chest. On average the cooling fan drops the temperature of the air 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it double as an ic cooler to store drinks and food. It is is manufactured using the toughest plastic material and is built of a strong PVC lightweight and extra durable plastic.

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Savings: 50%

Rayovac Alkaline Batteries in Bulk Click Here
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Wholesale Duracell C Batteries in Bulk

Bulk Batteries Rayovac Ultra Pro Industrial 12 D-Size Alkaline Batteries

Ships (12) D Size Batteries Per Carton

Item Number: B41-ALD-12

Standard Price $19.95 Per Pack / Savings: 50%

Amazon Price: 13.95

This Week Sale Price: 10.88

  strongest battery operated fan

Battery Operated Turbo Boost Fan

The Most Powerful Battery Operated Fan On The Market
This new battery operated turbo boost fan uses a new accelerated turbo boost motor function that makes it significantly more powerful than any fan on the market. It stands tall, tilts 180 degrees and operates on 8D size batteries. Also, it operates on battery power or plug-in AC adapter (included). This fan is stronger than any other fan and are only available while supplies last.
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auto mechanic tool repair kit
Auto Mechanic Tool Kit

Professional Auto Mechanic Tool Repair Kit

Car trouble? The Professional Auto Mechanic Tool Kit includes everything you need to help you work on your car (of home). This 122-piece tool set features the wrenches, sockets, and pliers you will need to handle any auto, truck or RV repair jobs. All the tools are chrome plated plus heat treated in order to resist corrosion. The entire kit comes in a durable molded locking case with carry handle for easy storage and portability.
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Craig Retro iPod/iPhone Docking Clock Radio

Craig alarm clock radio with digital FM radio features a retro design that is the perfect design accent. LCD digital read-out display with blue backlight and both snooze and sleep functions. Wake to either alarm or radio. Aux in plays all MP3 through aux in jack. AC operated. Connect non-docking iPod/iPhone, CD players and other MP3 players via aux in jack. Included accessories: assorted adaptors and remote control. Click Here For: iPod/iPhone Docking Clock Radio


Portable Battery Operated Desk Fan

Compact Battery Operated Fan In Singles or Bulk

Best Selling Extra Rugged Fan Only Runs ON Two Batteries
This small 5" energy efficient silent running desk fan is great for the office, home and camping.Wholesale Duracell C Batteries in Bulk It's one one of those items you must have when the power goes out. It's also one of our top selling fans. People have told us they use this fan to cool down there cats and dogs. One person even uses it to cool down their horse. It only take 2 D batteries and provides a good solid breeze for over 100 hours.
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Auto Emergency Kit
For Roadside Safety

Auto Emergency Kit Sale

Vehicle Auto Emergency Kits For Every Occasion
These auto emergency kits are complete with everything you will need when you have a roadside emergency. They include a first aid kit, jumper cable, tow rope, flashlight, tire flat and much much more. This car emergency kit is ready for any emergency and are the best kits on the internet for the money. They also can be customized and printed with your company logo. emergency car kits are available for individual or bulk purchase.
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Hand Held Small Portable Air Conditioners
Battery Operated Air Conditioner

Small Portable Air Conditioners - Runs on Batteries or USB

NEW: Special Cooling Fan Provides Up To 25 Degrees Cooler Air...
This is the best battery powered portable handheld air conditioner we could find. It is small enough to take with you anywhere and large enough to supply endless cooling air. Great for Hot Flashes. The personal air conditioning fan utilizes evaporative cooling technology and is controlled by a high to low variable speed control. Sealed PVC high impact plastic for inside or outside use. Put it in your purse or in your pocket. It is powered by a computer USB port (which makes it a great desk work fan) or can be powered by 4 AA batteries. The fan can run for days on just a single set of batteries.
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battery powered tv

COMBO: Portable Battery Operated Digital TV with Extended 7 Inch Widescreen & Extra Battery Pack

This Supersonic 7" Widescreen multi-system PAL/NTSC/ATSC portable digital battery operated TV with hi-resolution and hi-brightness is the best in it's class. The TV includes a build in ATSC tuner for receiving digital channels and a remote for easy channel changing. The brightness adjustable switch allows for providing extra brightness for sunny days and lower contrast for battery saving situation (for when the power it out).
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Brightest Battery Operated LED Lantern

Super Bright 300 Lumens of Light Lasts Over 150 Hours
This led camping lantern was designed for camping but we found it can be used anywhere - most importantly for emergency power outages. It is currently the brightest LED camping lantern on the market and with 3 D batteries the led lantern says bright for over 150 hours. The LED bulb last a lifetime and the durable plastic housing will stand up to the most extreme conditions.
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