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EAGLE EYE - 12 Volt Car Low Battery Alert & Alarm

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Eagle Eye Low Battery Alert Alarm

Save Your Battery Before It’s Time!!!


The 12 Volt Low Battery Alert Alarm Beeps & Blinks When Your Battery Is Low.



  • Easy Install
  • Mounts Anywhere
  • Beeps or Blinks
  • Cigarette Adapter or Battery Terminal clips



The "Eagle Eye Low Battery Alarm" triggers when the battery drops below 11.9 volts. This is roughly 50% of the battery's capacity. The resting voltage for a 12 volt battery is actually 12.4 to 12.6 volts.

The goal of the alert is to catch the battery before it goes too low and prevent battery damage. When a battery gets too low is (specifically 10.5 volts)  - which may harm the battery. Additionally, at 11.9 volts, the battery is still capable of starting the car which enables the battery to be recharged.

The "Eagle Eye Low Battery Alarm" works with all 12 volt battery that power cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, golf carts, medical equipment, industrial equipment, emergency pumps an may more. 

12 Volt Battery Background

When a car is parked, the actually voltage of a 12 volt battery is 12.4 to 12.6 volts. A battery is considered to be at 50% capacity when it drops to 11.9 volts and when a battery drops to 10.5 volts it starts to damage the internal battery plates. At this point, the battery will be damaged and may will no longer charge to its original capacity.  


Eagle Eye

12 Volt Low Battery Alert

“Save Your Battery Before It’s Time!!!”

This highly innovative alarm activates when the battery gets too low. I quickly alerts you so you can start the car to recharge the battery.

Cars, Trucks, Boats, Golf Carts, Motorcycles, ATV, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis,  Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment, EMERGENCY Pumps, Generators, And Many More.

Q: How low can a 12 volt battery go before it damages the battery.

A: On average, when a standard car battery goes below 10.5 volts, it becomes damaged – “The Battery Just Caught Cancer”. The battery cancer quickly builds up on the lead battery plates. The battery get sicker with every charge and discharge and just in a short amount of time the battery will no longer be able to hold a charge. So, off to the graveyard it goes and out comes your credit car for a fresh new $100 battery.

Q: Does The Blinking LED & Beeper on The Alarm Effect My Battery.

A: No. The alert alarm uses less that 0.005 amps on standby and 0.020 amps while activated. In comparison, opening a car door uses over 20 maps. Opening the car door for one minute is equal to running the Eagle Eye Low Battery Alert for over one year.


The alarm activates when the battery gets below 12.01 volts. This enables you to still have enough juice in the battery to start the car are recharge the battery.



Main Features


Thousands of batteries are damaged prematurely due to an unknown accessory running the battery voltage below 10.5 volts

Once a battery drops below 10.5 volts, it starts to build up sulfates on the lead plates. The sulfation continues to grow with each charge. Eventually the battery will not have the ability to hold a charge.

More Features

Power Plug

For Quick Install - Simply plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter or power port and set “EAGLE EYE” on dash or clip to mirror. The blinking LED can easily be seen from the front of the vehicle up to 50 ft. away.

Battery Clips

For Hidden Install - Simple lift hood and attach clips to battery.  Shut hood and attach the “EAGLE EYE” to the inside edge of the hood near the wipers. This feature allows the it to be more hidden and will not be apparent until activated. This option includes a blinking LED or a Beep or a combination of the two.

Beeps Every 20 Seconds

Audible Beep - Beeps softly every 20 seconds when the battery drops below 11.9 volts. The beep can be heard from 50 ft. away.

Blinking LED

Visual L.E.D - The super efficient bright LED fades in and out when the battery drops below 11.9 volts.  The blinking LED is easily seen when walking in front of the vehicle.


  • Save sales by never showing a car with a dead battery again.
  • Check 100’s of car batteries with a simple walk of the lot.
  • Reduce replacing batteries  from draining accessories.
  • Reduce the need and cost of a battery maintenance employee.



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