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FrozenAire° Battery Operated Air Conditioner with Battery Pack

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Product Description

Combination Battery Pack Plus The FrozenAire° Battery Operated Air Conditioner.

Great for Home, Office, Car, Camper, Boat, Office, School, Picnic, Power Outage, Golf Cart, Pet Show, Hospital, etc...rotate-all-03.gif


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12V Battery Operate Battery Pack and Portable Air Conditioner

The FrozenAire° is designed to be a personal directional vent cooler, meaning it will quickly cool down what ever is front of the vent output. It is not designed to be a room air conditioner. But if the room is small enough, it may make a difference. FrozenAire battery operated air conditioner operates will blow a strong cool frozen air breeze in any direction for 3-6 hours. It all depends on  the temperature of the outside air.

The hotter the outside air, the faster the ice melts. It operates on 12 volts DC and can easily be powered from your home, car or portable battery (12 volt adapters included). 

The FrozenAire will operate on cubed ice, frozen bottled ice, or dry ice. For best results, we recommend using 20 pounds of cubed ice that can be purchased from and supermarket, convenience store or gas station. Two (10) pound bags of cubed ice is what we recommend for best results. A single bag of (10) pound bag of ice costs about $2.25.

A small price to pay for 3-5 hours of frozen air blowing on your face. For longer use, simply dump out the melted ice and add more ice.

12 Volt Battery Pack The FrozenAire is great for camping, cars, boat cabins, RV's, golf carts, power outages, pet show, and more... People commonly use personal portable air conditioning for quickly cooling pets, infants, elderly, small office areas, small air plane cabins, deer blinds, hospital, on so on.....

From the first moment the portable battery operated cooler air conditioner is turned on, the powerful high pressure 12 volt fan starts pushing the outside hot air, into the cooler, and over the ice.

The air quickly cools, the air and the cold air is forced out the top directional vent at about 18 mph. The vent is adjustable and can be rotated 360° in any direction.


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