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Smart Power 10 Inch Rechargeable Fan

  • Rechargeable Fan with adapter
  • Rechargeable fan with Feet
  • Smart Power 10 Inch Rechargeable Fan
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Product Description

Item: B41-1518 [14333]

O2 Cool Indoor Outdoor Rechargeable Fan

Smart Power 10" Rechargeable Fan

"This is the largest rechargeable fan on the market"

What is "Smart Power"?

Simply Put: It Maximizes The Battery Life. The fan will automatically choose the least expensive and most efficient power source. With Smart-Power, you'll have over 72 hours of cooling when the power is out!

battery rechargeable fan

This 02 Cool Smart Power Rechargeable Fan is the newest fan to hit the market. It offers new 180 degree swivel fan blade cage, variable power switch, and rechargeable energy efficient "Smart Power" electronic circuitry. It can be powered in four different ways.

  • Built-in Rechargeable Batteries - Convenient rechargeable the batteries up to 500 time which saves you 100's of dollars in batteries. This is truly a battery saving "Eco Friendly" fan.
  • AC Adapter - Plug the AC adapter into the wall and you can both run the fan and recharge the batteries.
  • Car Adapter - When on the road, and away from AC power, you can still recharge or run your fan from your car.
  • D Cell Batteries - When no power is available or the rechargeables are low, you can still cool yourself down by using 8D cell batteries.

Charges Over 500 Times Pivoting fan cage and handle hanger allows for directing the air flow for the most effective cooling


  • NEW: Swivel Cage Fan Blades
  • Two Speed Control Switch
  • Foldable Hanging Handle
  • Built-in Rechargeable Batteries
  • Car Adapter (Included)
  • AC Adapter (Included)
  • Also Runs on 8D Cell Batteries ( Not Included)
  • Charges Over 500 Times
  • Equivalent To 150 Alkaline Batteries
  • 3.1 x 11.9 x 3.0


"Five Star Rating"

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Benefits of Rechargeable Fan Batteries:

Rechargeable Fans and the Environment - when batteries are improperly disposed of in household and workplace waste, they can leak toxic heavy metals into the environment. 73 percent of municipal solid waste is either land filled or incinerated. When these batteries are land filled, they can leach heavy metals slowly into the soil and ground and surface water. When batteries are incinerated, certain metals may be released into the air or concentrated in the ash that has to be disposed of.  About Rechargeable Fan Batteries.

Heavy metals from batteries can make it into the food chain where they pose health impacts on humans. Mercury was phased out of certain batteries starting in 1996 with the signing of the Battery Act, but other heavy metals such as Cadmium are still used, which are very toxic. Recycling of batteries through the proper collection and disposal at a municipal collection location will greatly reduce their impact on the environment. Using rechargeable batteries reduces the manufacturing levels of heavy metals and greatly reduces disposal requirements.
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Cost Savings - rechargeable batteries can be used over and over and each new charge prevents the purchase of a new battery, Today's rechargeable batteries have high capacities and are a better choice to provide portable power to electronic devices. Improvements are made consistently to rechargeable battery technology increasing their capacity .


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1038, FD1000600006, 755247010328, 4 per case, call for bulk pricing

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