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Review Article: Do You Have a Proper Roadside Auto Emergency Kit?


Review Article: Do You Have a Proper Roadside Auto Emergency Kit?

Recomended Best Auto Emergency Kit Contents Checklist for Roadside Emergency Kits.

Written and Photo by Davo Stoyko, 2010

Updated June 22, 2011

Ultimate Car Auto Emergency KitNo matter how well you care for your car, truck or RV fate can abandoned you on the side of the road at any time. It could be as simple as a flat tire from a pot whole in the road, or something extremely hazardous and always impossible to predict. Regardless of the reason why you might break down, if you're stranded on the side of the road and are immobilized, you absolutely must be prepared with as auto emergency kit. Not just prepared to keep you and your car safe, but prepared to keep your entire family as safe as humanly possible.

Whether you buy parts and put together your own auto emergency kit, or buy one that is pre-made from a emergency kit company like Batterysavers.com, you need to have some very important essentials inside. The auto emergency kit we used came from www.batterysavers.com/kits-specials.htm and was under $50. When you see all the things the auto emergency kit contained, you'll be pleasantly surprised and shocked!

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More Auto Emergecy Kits

A Great Store Bought Auto Emergency Kit

car emergency kit photoThe Batterysavers.com kit is literally packed with auto emergency aids you would need if you were stranded and broken down on the side of the road. The couple things I would add to it would be important consumables like water and maybe some sort of food like a power bar that will last practically forever and still be edible for up to 5 years. Not only does the kit contain lots and lots of useful auto emergency tools, even the storage case is an important emergency tool. The case itself has a highly reflective strip which can be used either to signal that there is an emergency or to inform other motorists to watch out - "I am on the side of the road and Watch Out". The case also has a high quality Velcro base on the outside to keep it from sliding all over the truck while it's stationary in your car. I tried the Velcro out, and the really works. It was a great idea to add that!

Check Out How Packed The Auto Emergency Kit Is!

emergency car kitListed below are all well stocked emergency kits. Choose the one that best suit your situation.

Open any kit up and you'll find a host of First Aid supplies, emergency tools to get you back on the road, auto tools to keep you safe on the side of the road while you wait for help, and a few other things that could just be used to pass the time until help arrives.

You may also have individual special personal needs that you will need to be prepared for. If you're dibetic for instance, you may want to keep some hard candy or sugar packets in there.

Auto Car Emergency KitBuilding Your Own Auto Emergency Kit

Even though the particular kit we reviewed has nifty extras like the a tow rope, jumper cables and a velcro bottom and emergency reflective tape on the side, you can easily add extras and customize an emergency roadside kit yourself. Here's a list of everything that our store-bought auto emergency kit contentscame with. You can easily add or delete emergency tools as you see fit. Below is the recommended auto emergency kit contents.

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What's Inside the kit we reviewed:
  • tow rope
  • jumper cables
  • tire puncture repair
  • funnel/cone
  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • gloves
  • emergency blanket
  • rain poncho
  • help flags
  • plastic water bag
  • wet naps
  • plastic zip ties
  • first aid kit
In the First Aid Kit:
  • injury information card
  • cotton balls
  • plastic bandages
  • antiseptic towelettes
  • more wet naps
  • large gauze
  • rubber gloves (they're big on hand safety here)

Emergency Auto Kit Contents

Listed below is what the best auto emergency kit contains:It's always a good idea to have extra food and water on hand - like a gallon of water and power bars. You never can tell what situation you could find yourself in on the highway, and thirst and hunger can come on most suddenly and unexpected. You can also include additional medicine like aspirin, ibuprofen or Tylonol, these are also an excellent supplement and fever reducer. If there's anything more specific to yourself and family that you know you would need in an emergency add that - seal it up and stored it in your trunck. There is a lot of confidence in having an auto emergency kit in your trunk.

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